Monday, April 23, 2007

Celebrate Birthday

Last Sunday was my friend, Ying's birthday. I was so touched by the way her friends celebrated her birthday. She is from Thailand and she is studying in Portland State University now. Her ex-university friends in Thailand sent her a video to wish her happy birthday. The video is so special, see this!

The title of the video is "Where is Ying?". At the beginning of the video, it shows a guy was knocking on the door of room 616. The room 616 was Ying's room. That guy was looking for Ying, but he couldn't find Ying. Instead, it was Ying's ex-roomate who was sleeping on the bed. Then both of them went down to the dining place to find Ying. They thought that the girl whose face was covered by the newspapers was Ying. Obviously, they were wrong. So, where was Ying? Then, 3 of them stood up one by one behind the bar and there, they pointed at the video cam and shouted,"Ying!" THEY EVEN BROUGHT UP A BIRTHDAY CAKE!!! They sang her birthday song. In the end, Ying's ex-roomate pointed to a board with the "HAPPY BIRTHDAY YING" message.

I have mixed feelings when I watch this video. I was so touched by their friendship. She must be a special person to her friends, until they miss her so much. At the meantime, her friends were pathetic because they had to help Ying to blow the candles and eat the cake without Ying:)

Try this on your friends who are far away, he/she must be very touched!

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Jennie said...

Thanks a lot, Peisan. You understand all meaning of video clip well. They are my really best friends. As I told you before that I cried because I thought of my friends. They were my friends that I thought and cried about. Actually, I wish they are here with me. If you know them, you will know why I miss them a lot. In addition, my family are so nice too. All of them are always my special people for me. I had a great happy birthday because of them and you too. Thanks you a lot.